101,568 (My shortest blog post yet)

46 hours per week.i

Multiplied by 48 weeks per year.ii

Multiplied by 46 years.iii

Equals 101,568 hours that you’ll likely spend working in this lifetime.

So, between the ages of 21 and 67 (we’ll call that your working years although most start earlier and stop later), you’ll spend over 50% of your discretionary hoursiv working.

What implications does that have?

What is the purpose of the time you spend working?

How about the other half of your time?

Where does this fit into your financial plan?

How does your financial plan conform to your goals for work and life?

(Your answers to these questions will be subject of next week’s blog post.)

(Please comment!)


iWho actually works a 40 hour week?

iiLet’s say four weeks between vacation and holidays.

iiiThe difference between age 67 (considered by Social Security to be “Full Retirement Age” for most Baby Boomers and younger) and age 21 is 46 years.

ivDiscretionary = time NOT sleeping (8), eating (2), bathing and dressing (1) and driving (1) or 12 per day for 46 years


3 thoughts on “101,568 (My shortest blog post yet)

  1. Hey Tim,
    That’s a little depressing. Fortunately, I’ve opted out of the rat race and make my money online. But, I know this market of opportunities for guys like me can’t last so thanks for letting me know what I can look forward to when I finally have to get a real job.

  2. It’s not intended to be depressing, Brian, but intriguing (first) and inspiring (eventually). So, if your current opportunity “out of the rat race” runs its course, what could be the next evolutionary phase of your vocation outside of the rat race?

  3. I think the moral of the story is to do something you love and make the most of the other “half” of your time! Work hard and play hard!

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