90 Second Finance…Pay Off Your Mortgage?

Should you pay off your mortgage?  Well, before you can even consider it, you must have enough money to do so!  Beyond that, you have several economic and emotional factors to consider.  In this installment of 90 Second Finance, I discuss those factors.  I look forward to your comments and questions!


9 thoughts on “90 Second Finance…Pay Off Your Mortgage?

  1. Nice piece – I don’t believe that I’ve ever heard a CFP speak to the emotional side of financial planning.
    Although Deb and I paid cash for our homes in Red Lion and Venice there was a time in my life when I panicked over a major repair. How would I be able to afford the repair and pay the mortgage that month?
    I leave the financial planning to guys like you but on the emotional side, I can definitively state that being mortgage-free is a wonderful feeling.

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