Making Financial Music

This video blog is a genuine departure—even for me!  Working closely with my brother, Jon, an amazing musician, and my friend and video producer, Ben Lewis, we actually designed a video communicating a message with its very own customized “soundtrack” that is integrated into the message, ultimately communicating some important financial truths.  In this case, the music isn’t just the context or backdrop, but the actual vehicle responsible for transmitting the message.

Is it possible for art to teach?  You be the judge.  I hope you enjoy this and pass it on to any friends or family who are music lovers.  And, as always, we value your feedback, comments and questions on the blog.


3 thoughts on “Making Financial Music

  1. Jon’s music is great! He can play for me anytime!! But my financial life is out of rhythm, and there’s lots of disonance between my checkbook and me. I’m trying to produce an analysis and solution. Have to get the outflow congruent with the income.
    Jon’s music could help settle my nerves. Great analogy, Tim!!! I love beautiful music and don’t hear it much in the church anymore.

  2. What a great analogy! The Maurer sons are so talented. Jon’s music is superb. Years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet Drew, yourself and the other wonderful Financial Consulate staff. You have been and remain my “financial instrument” to achieve financial goals in confidence without the worry and burden associated with managing assets myself. Thank you for the soothing melody of solid financial advice and skilled performance I rely upon everyday.

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